Meet our passionate, talented, and dedicated team.

Larysa Dymenka

Larysa Dumenka

Larysa is the founder and head of the “Leeds Ukrainian Community Association” charity organization.

An accountant and project manager in the financial field by trade, she has been living in the UK for 20 years and has been engaged in volunteer activities since 2014.

Larysa initiates and implements several social and charitable projects. She has organised many fundraising events and donations to raise money to send aid to Ukraine.

She also actively conducts international and grant-search activities.

Viacheslav Semeniuk

Viacheslav is a trustee of the “Leeds Ukrainian Community Association” charitable organisation.

A cyber security specialist by trade, he has lived in Leeds since 2015.

Viacheslav has been volunteering since 2014 and specialises in technical issues and specifications for the selection of humanitarian aid. He also organises cultural events and the preparation of all equipment.

Olha Callahan

Olga Callaghan

Olga is the head of the Leeds branch of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain. She was born in the UK but is of Ukrainian heritage and has been a lifelong member of the Leeds Ukrainian community.

Olga organises the charity’s events and the implementation of all the charity’s projects.

She also maintains close contact with the local council; Leeds City Council and also other important contacts.

Julia Nelson

Julia Nelson

Julia is English and is a barrister in Leeds .

She became involved with the charity after sponsoring a Ukrainian family who came to the UK to live with her under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Julia is our legal representative and provides advice on living in the UK. She is also engaged in advocacy and helps organise our events.

Terry Grayshon

Terry is a former Leeds Local councillor and an active public figure.

He works in the charity by organising assistance to Ukrainians and he also sources financial assistance and project support and is active in organising events. 

Terry actively works to involve the public in helping Ukrainians.

John Morrison

John Morrison

John is a public figure, a historian and retired military personnel.

He organizes events and contacts military bases where Ukrainian military personnel are trained in the UK.

John searches for channels to purchase appropriate humanitarian aid.

Dariia Kovnatska

Dariia is our main contact for our charity and has been residing in UK from September 2022.

She works in international tourism.

Dariia organises and implements our events and also manages our social media. She also searches for and engages volunteers to support our charity.

Olena Sakhno

Olena Sakhno

Olena works as an IT technology engineer and has lived in the UK since 2015 and has been volunteering since 2014.

She actively participates in the organisation and implementation of our projects.

Olena manages any issues related to hospitality in conducting events.